Taste of Chaos

I’ve begun working on a new story. I’ve got the general framework figured out, but, as always, the question is what’s the real horror that I’m trying to explore? The monster is only a metaphor for something more abstract.

I’m thinking that I’m writing a story about a man taking a little taste of chaos and it grabbing hold of him and refusing to let go. Perhaps, it even destroys the life of a friend. The story starts the morning after a storm that knocked out the town’s power. The man befriends a harmless-looking sea monster that he names Squiggles, and it slowly begins to dominate his life.

I’m thinking the story ends after the man escapes Squiggles, but then struggles with the urge to return to him.

From where I’m at right now, I think I need to add more to explain just how orderly the man’s life is outside of the storm. That wouldn’t be clear from the story as it stands currently. We’ll see where that goes.